What can I expect at my Princess Party
The princess arrives promptly a half hour after your party start time... just in case any of your royal guest are running late for the ball. They too might have lost their glass slipper! Once the princess arrives, she’ll cast the children under a spell and entertain with the activities included in the party selection of your choice.  Right before it is time for the princess to go back to her kingdom, she’ll hug all the guests and wave goodbye.

How long does it take to find out if a princess is available for your event?

Once an inquiry is made about a date, time, location and character selection the performer is notified and asked if she is available for the royal celebration.  Once the performer says YES she is available then you will be contacted via email and or phone to gather all the information needed to reserve the date and time.  It may take 30 minutes or up to 2 days to hear from a performer as they need to check with their royal schedules.  A deposit is required once a YES is accepted to reserve the date, time and princess.

What characters are available
To see a full list of characters offered, go to the gallery page.

Looking for a character not listed?  We’re happy to add characters to our cast.  Send a request and we can try to accommodate you.

How do I book my event
Please inquire via email to princessparties@me.com.  Include the date, time, location and princess you are wishing for To reserve the date, time and princess a $50-100 deposit is required.  A deposit Pay Pal invoice will be sent to the email you provided.  The balance is due 3 days before the party via Pay Pal.  Or you may have cash ready in an envelope for the princess at the end of the show. The princess will call this her secret note. 

What forms of payment do we accept
We accept cash or credit card  via Pay Pal invoicing.

How will you receive confirmation of your booking
An email confirmation detailing the events for your party will be sent to your email address on file.

Is it possible to reschedule your event
We understand that unforseen things can happen.  Don’t worry... if your child get’s sick, or something comes up, we will be more than happy to reschedule your event.  However if you must cancel after booking, your deposit will not be refunded.

Where do characters go
We go to where your party is being held... your house, a park, a church, a neighborhood clubhouse, etc. Please check into any permit/permission you may need to host your party at your clubhouse/neighborhood park.

Travel fees
We do have travel fees to some areas in and around Austin. A party address is required for calculations. We will always quote your party for any additional travel fees before your party is booked.  In example... Georgetown, TX may incur an additional $40 travel fee.

What are you still responsible/liable for
We provide character entertainment for your party. However, we are not babysitters or caretakers. Please be aware that children, especially under the age of 3, need to be supervised by a parent adult at all times.  Princess Parties and More,  is not held responsible for any issues concerning and involving choking, medical reactions, slips, cuts, bruises or injuries and etc. that may occur while the princess performer is on your property or public property.

Pictures & Video sent to PPM
Princess Parties and More, LLC reserves the right to use photographs sent to PPM, taken by PPM,  or photos/videos of your event with your child, the princess and or any guest for any and all website or promotional media, whether known or not known. PPM also reserves the right to use photos taken for headshot/about us page and princess image pictures for PPM website, social media, etc. You may not make any monetary claim against Princess Parties and More, LLC for the use of photographs taken and or video used for such purposes. Including and not limited to: performers employed or once employed by PPM, you, your child, your home or guests.

What is the “Dream Come True” phone call?

If your daughter knows a princess is coming to her party she receives a “Dream Come True” phone call from the princess the Friday evening before her party.  Calls are made between 6-7pm. If no one is home to accept the call, we leave a message for the birthday girl.

All Princess Parties and More,  characters are look-alikes & are not affiliated with any other licensed company. 
All our costumes are custom made. It is not our intention to violate any copyright laws.

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